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Veterinary Radiology in Spring, TX

Taking a Closer Look at Your Pet’s Health

Radiology is an important tool in the ongoing care of your pet’s health. At Champion Wood Animal Hospital, we use both x-ray and ultrasound machines to assist our diagnoses. With a regular physical exam, our veterinary professionals are limited to what they can see and feel with the naked eye. If our veterinarians suspect something else is going on inside of your pet, they are able to use these radiological tools to get an even closer look.

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X-Ray vs. Ultrasound: What’s the Difference?

Both x-rays and ultrasounds enable us to “see” beyond the fur or scales of your pet’s body. The most basic difference between the two types of radiological imaging we provide is that an x-ray looks at the solid parts of your pet’s body (like bones and muscles), while an ultrasound looks at the soft tissues inside of your pet (like organs). Both of these methods are painless and non-invasive. Our veterinarians will be by your pet’s side to keep them calm and comfortable throughout the imaging process.

How Do X-Rays Work?

X-rays use electromagnetic radiation to create images of bone and muscle. The images that x-rays produce are still, either on film or on a computer monitor. Modern x-ray technology offers a high degree of detail and can be very helpful for dental exams. While x-rays are generally safe when properly used, some pets in pain or with anxiety may need to be sedated to capture a clear image.

X-rays are best used for:

  • Clear images of bones and organs
  • Diagnosing traumatic injuries
  • Monitoring broken bones
  • Finding foreign objects
  • Identifying tumors

While modern x-rays are very safe, they still do expose your pet to a small dose of radiation. If we suspect your pet has a problem with their organs, we’ll order an ultrasound.

How Do Ultrasounds Work?

An ultrasound uses high frequency soundwaves to create an image on a computer screen. These can either be still or moving images. In humans, ultrasounds are commonly used to check on a fetus during pregnancy – but these smart machines have other applications as well. Unlike x-rays, ultrasounds do not use radiation to produce images, which means these machines are safe for fetuses or other delicate tissue.

Ultrasounds are best used for:

  • Examining the heart
  • Inspecting lumps or masses
  • Monitoring pregnancy
  • Diagnosing possible organ damage

One drawback to ultrasounds is that they can’t penetrate bone or dense tissue, like muscles. If we think your pet needs an image of their bones, we’ll order an x-ray.

Still have questions about our radiology services? Call us at (281) 502-2569 or contact Champion Wood Animal Hospital online so we can help.

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    “These people truly care about you and your pet. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done for us. Even though we lost our beloved Piper, the amount of love, kindness and respect we received ...”

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